Pathways To Sexology Webinar

Are you currently a student in Psychology, Social Work, Physiotherapy or Medicine? Do you have a special interest in human sexuality and dream of one day working in sexual health, education, and/or therapy? We put this event together for you! Many of us who work in Sexology and Sexual Health know just how difficult it can be to know where to get credible training/experience and recognised qualifications in Sexual Health and Sexology.


During this event you’ll hear from four currently practicing Sexual Health or Sexological professionals (a Counselling Psychologist, a Gynaecologist, a Sexuality Educator and Author, as well as someone who heads up Sexual and Reproductive Health programmes).


They will share their story of training and qualifying and what their everyday work life looks like. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions and share some of your own challenges and successes on this journey. This is the second event in this series. We’re doing it again because the first event showed us there is an overwhelming need for practical information on entering and advancing professionally in the field of human sexuality.


Our hope is that this event will inform you of what is possible and will help you to plan your journey going forward.



Chant Malan (Counselling Psychologist)



Elliott Kotze (Counselling Psychologist)

Tiffany Mugo (Author and Sexuality Educator)

Tshego Bessenaar (Vice-President of Ibis Reproductive Health’s Africa Programmes)

Dr Marlena Du Toit (Gynaecologist)



FREE for all




Jun 08 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Online Event
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