Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) Training

SASHA is offering a Virtual SAR opportunity for SASHA members and Non-SASHA Members who are registered professionals, affiliate SASHA members and student SASHA members: The Weekend of 28 to 29 October 2023


What is a SAR and Why Do a SAR?


Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR)

A SAR experiential training event is internationally recognised as the essential personal and professional experience that explores and challenges the sexual values, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs of sexual health, sexual wellbeing and sexuality education professionals through a range of evocative and reflective experiences such as engaging ethically produced and consent informed explicit media, guest speakers sharing lived experiences, attending an online event, small group processing sessions, reflective journaling, and large group interactions.


A SAR is situated within a sex-positive paradigm and built on the values of inclusivity, respecting, and valuing diversity, non-judgement, and general ethical principles.


A SAR is informed by the aim of conscientizing and developing participants’ sensitivity, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the diversity and complexity of human sexuality and sexual expression. The nature of the activities is intended to be immersive, evocative, experiential and to bring into awareness and focus participants’ gaps in knowledge, their edges, their boundaries and participant’s comforts and discomforts in relation to the diversity of human sexuality and sexual expression. Thus, allowing for participants to learn more about themselves, work with the realisations, discoveries, and new insights for themselves personally and professionally.


For many international programmes in sexology, sex therapy, sexuality education and sex coaching the completion of a SAR experiential training is set as a pre-requisite for seeking accreditation and licensing. It is also an experiential training event highly recommended for all medical, psychosocial and allied health professionals. A SAR offers a unique opportunity that expands and empowers professionals and participants across the biopsychosocial spectrum to offer better quality care and services when it comes to sexual health and wellbeing.


Where: Online Event

Date: 24-25 February 2024

Time: Full day both days

Cost: SASHA Members R2000, Non-Members R2700

CPD- Accredited: 15 Clinical Points, 1 Ethics Point


Register here:




Feb 24 - 25 2024


All Day


Online Event
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